Selected Ingress Portals on Garmin Edge 1000

Keywords: garmin edge ingress iitc

Playing a bit of ingress while road biking is a big pain - especially in unknown territory. So here is a method to get selected portals to show up on a Garmin Edge 1000 bike computer. (Might work on others.) This will reduce the phone fiddling to when actually at a portal.

I created a small IITC plugin (unofficial) which will show GPX style waypoint data for the currently selected portal in portal details. (It was created in a hurry before a ride, might break at any time and there is no support for it. Requires IITC.)


Simply copy & paste the wpt snippets of those unique portals you want into the GPX fragment:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no" ?>
<gpx version="1.1" creator="Manual">


When completed, connect your Garmin Edge to USB and copy the resulting GPX file into the "NewFiles" directory. Once unplugged, the Garmin Edge will reboot and import the waypoints into its Locations and show them on the map.

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