Google Home View [Mar 21, 2010; Internet, German]

The successor of Google Street View is on its way. Unfortunately the video is only available in German with French subtitles, but you will get the idea.

Wolfram|Alpha - das rechnende Tafelwerk [May 16, 2009; Internet, German]

In den letzten Wochen war schon durchgesickert, dass es sich bei diesem Dienst um keine neue Web Search Engine handelt. Aber was ist es dann? Diese Frage kann sich jetzt jeder selbst beantworten, denn WolframAlpha ist online.

Yes, We Can [Dec 31, 2008; Internet]

Yes, we can be ridiculous:

Peer Pressure [Dec 11, 2007; Internet]

Old but still nice:

Kann er Schäuble stoppen? [Oct 3, 2007; Internet, German]


Abandoned Games [Aug 19, 2007; Internet]

When "Eye of the Beholder", "Syndicate", "Master of Orion", "UFO - Enemy Unknown", "Day of the Tentacle" and "Mad TV" remind you of your well spent childhood, this is the place to go for some sweet memories.

The Second Life Bubble [Mar 25, 2007; Internet]

I've been wanting to write this article for quite some time now. But Second Life is so brain damaged that it seemed to be too much effort to write it all down. Today I finally became aware of some interesting articles on the web. So now I can get around writing the actual article by simply posting the links. The articles only cover some aspects of the things I dislike about Second Life, but they have to do for now. (I'm not so much concered about Linden Exchange liquidity as I am about the hidden pyramid scheme.)

Petition zum Verbot von Wahlcomputern [Oct 30, 2006; Internet, German]


Profilieren im Netz leicht gemacht [Feb 20, 2005; Internet, German]

Der Großteil der Nutzer von Foren und Webchats hat sich unverkennbar durch dieses Werk leiten lassen: