Logic Analyzer Client

The Java client should run on most platforms for which JRE 1.4.2 or newer and the RXTX package exist. This means it should work with Linux, Windows, Solaris and many more.

The client allows to configure the device, read and display captured data and to perform file operations on captured data. It can be extended with plugins and some classes can be reused for own applications. See the developer documentation for details:

API Documentation

3rd Party Packages

  • RXTX - Provides access to serial ports (required)
  • PgsLookAndFeel - Provides the look and feel seen below (optional)

Screenshots of Version 0.8

The new I2C protocol analyzer:

I2C protocol analyzer

Screenshots of Version 0.7

Capture dialog with new complex trigger:

Capture Dialog

SPI Protocol Analyzer Plugin:

SPI Protocol Analyzer Plugin

Screenshots of Version 0.6

This screenshot shows the client with data captured from the test generator. For the first group all three display modes have been activated: channel based level diagram, scope and byte value:

The display configuration can be customized using the diagram settings dialog:

All settings of the physical logic analyzer can be controlled with the capture dialog:

As of version 0.6 a plugin interface for post-processing tools exists.
This tool converts a existing timing analysis into a state analyis:
(Has nothing to do with the device's native support for state analysis.)

The slick look of the UI results from using the PgsLookAndFeel. In order to use it, you need to install the package and set it as default look and feel in your swing.properties.